Car Wrap Vinyl

Car Wrap Vinyl / PVC Foils

All materials can be costumized cutted an printed including artwork!

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Product Details:

1.Material:PVC / = Vinyl
2.Standard Length * width: 1.52cm*30cm/1.27cm*30m
3.Standard thickness: 12C/14C/16C/18C
4.Colors available: Red / Blue / Green / Purple / Pink / Grey / Yellow / Light blue /Black / Light black /
Orange / Transparent,Neon. Chrom, Carbon, fluorescent,etc.

5.Durability: Up to 5years
6.Usage:protection and decoration
7.Application:For car/mobile phone/computer body
8.Partially Air Channel produced

1.Make an realistic 3D/4D effect on your car.
2.Protect your car from little stone,scratching,sullage and keeping your car new.
3.High temperature-resistant and can protect you from UV 
1.Flexible and can be applied to easily on all the common car paints2.Easily cleansed with water and without residual glue
after remove

3..can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces of a car

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